You can use the nizima LIVE sample model only if you comply with the terms of use below.

nizima LIVE original character terms of use

Live2D original character. To use it, you need to agree to the “nizima LIVE sample model terms of use” (this page) and the “nizima LIVE software license agreement“.

nizima LIVE original character
Target character
Arisa Hiiragi / Emi / Moeko / Mayumi / Kazuya / Koharu / Haruto / Chitose / Hijiki / Wankoro Mochi / Mao Nijiiro / face sample

nizima LIVE original character basic terms of use

  • Regardless of the usage format, please post “You are using the nizima LIVE sample model” on the website, video distribution service, application sales store, etc. that you download and publish in a way that is easy to see.

You cannot use this sample model to make the following expressions and actions.

  • An expression that significantly upsets the original balance of the body.
  • 18 Erotic, obscene expressions and behaviors reminiscent of prohibited content.
  • Violent, offensive, insulting, discriminatory expressions and behavior.
  • Expressions and behaviors that incite and encourage criminal acts.
  • Grotesque expression.
  • Expressions and behaviors that include political or religious claims.

It is not possible to use, divert, or deform the design of this sample model to sell, distribute, or publish 2D / 3D models created with software made by other companies, or 2D illustrations or figures drawn. However, if you use a model created with Live2D together in a site, service, or app, you can distribute and publish 2D / 3D models created with software made by other companies or 2D illustrations drawn.

Note: If you are a corporate customer and would like to use this character for commercial purposes, please contact us at the support desk below.
Note: “Nizima LIVE sample model terms of use” are subject to change at Live2D’s own discretion. As a general rule, any changes shall apply to your use of the nizima LIVE sample model.

Last update: October 31, 2022
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