nizima LIVE TRACKER is a free iOS application that allows anyone to easily move a Live2D model by recognizing and tracking facial movements and facial expressions.

If you connect to the desktop version of the app “nizima LIVE” and use your iPhone as a camera, you can express even more lively movements than a webcam.


Function list

Screen explanation

How to add a Live2D model

How to connect to nizima LIVE (PC)

Action button setting method


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Function list

functionnizima LIVE TRACKER
Recommended operating environment *1iPhoneX or later, iOS14.0 or later, storage capacity: 500MB
Commercial use *2×
Load model
Facial expression tracking
Logo displaycan not be
Camera continuous use timeNo limit
nizima LIVE cooperation *3


*1 iPad / iPod Touch is not covered by the operation guarantee.
*2 nizima LIVE TRACKER cannot be used alone for commercial use. However, if you connect to nizima LIVE and use it, you can use it for commercial purposes only if you are using nizima LIVE [paid plan].
*3 If you want to use the following functions, you need to download the desktop version application “nizima LIVE” and connect to “nizima LIVE TRACKER”.

“nizima LIVE” has some paid functions.
– Collaboration function
– Distribution on distribution platforms such as YouTube using distribution software such as OBS

Note: App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

Screen explanation

Introducing the basic screens and functions of nizima LIVE TRACKER.

Main screen

1. Lock operation
nizima LIVE TRACKER_manual_lock icon (unlock) nizima LIVE TRACKER_manual_lock icon (locking)
Tap to lock the model movement / enlargement / reduction. Tap it again to cancel it.
2. Camera
nizima LIVE TRACKER_manual_main window 02
Tap to display the face mask based on the camera image.
Reset — Set the position and facial expression of the face shown by the camera as the model reference.
3. Model position moveYou can operate the model by the following operations.
Drag — move
Rotate with two fingers — Rotate
Pinch out — Enlarge
Pinch in — Shrink
Double tap with two fingers — Reset position
Double tap with one finger — Show / hide operation icon
4. Menu
nizima LIVE TRACKER_manual_main menu
You can change the display model and set the connection with the desktop version.
The details are as follows.

Tap the menu to display the following screen.

Model list

Change the model to be displayed.

Tap [Model List] to display the model list, and tap the model icon to switch the display model.

-> How to add a Live2D model

Background setting

background image

When you select an image from the background list, the selected image is displayed in the background.

You can add a background image from the camera roll by tapping the + mark.
You can delete an image by tapping the trash can icon and tapping the x mark that appears.

Monochromatic background

You can set a solid background and change the color with the slider.

PC connection

Set the connection with the desktop version application “nizima LIVE”.

-> How to connect with nizima LIVE

Action button

By setting the same key as the shortcut key for “Facial expression / motion” set in nizima LIVE to nizima LIVE TRACKER, you can operate the “Facial expression / motion” of the model from your iPhone.

-> How to set the action button

Tap the edit button on the upper right to enter the mode where you can edit the action button.

Select the button you want to edit from the displayed buttons, and the following screen will be displayed.

NameSet any shortcut name.
Keyboard ShortcutEnter the shortcut key you want to set.
saveSave what you entered above.
deleteYou can delete the contents of the displayed action button.

Tap the check mark in the upper right to cancel the edit mode.

When you tap the set action button, “Facial expression / motion” will be reflected in the display model of nizima LIVE.


Device name

You can set the camera name displayed in “Camera settings”> “Mobile” when you make a mobile connection with nizima LIVE.

How to add a Live2D model

You need the embedded Live2D model data to load anew. Find it on the official Live2D market nizima or create your own using the Live2D cubism Editor.

  • In nizima, the exported data corresponds to the Live2D model data for embedding.

1. Install iTunes on your PC.

2. Connect your PC and iPhone with a USB cable.

3. Open iTunes on your PC and click the smartphone icon at the top of the screen.

Select “File Sharing” from the settings that appear on the left side, and select “nizima LIVE TRACKER” from the list of apps that appears.

4. On the right side of the screen, select “Models” from “Documents of nizima LIVE TRACKER” and click “Save”.

  • If you don’t see “Save”, scroll down and it may appear at the bottom.

5. A window for saving the folder will be displayed. Specify the desktop, etc., and click “Select Folder”.

A “Models” folder will be created in the specified location.

6. Add the model data to the created “Models” folder.

  • Add the entire folder of embedded data.
    For the folder structure, refer to “Embedded data” in the Editor manual.
  • If the texture size of the model is larger than 8192 x 8192, it cannot be loaded. Please reduce the texture size.

7. Add the “Models” folder to which the model data is added to the “nizima LIVE TRACKER Documents” in iTunes by dragging and dropping.

8. A confirmation window for replacement will appear. Click “Replace”.

9. In iTunes, click “Sync” at the bottom right to sync with your iPhone.

10. Restart nizima LIVE TRACKER on your iPhone and check that the new model has been added in the “Model List” menu.

  • If you want to delete the Live2D model, follow steps 1 to 5 in the same way as above, and then delete the model data you want to delete from the “Models” folder in 6.
    The remaining steps 7-9 are the same as above.

How to connect to nizima LIVE (PC)

1. Connect your PC and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi.

2. Open nizima LIVE (PC).

3. Open Camera Settings from the menu on the left side of the main window and click Mobile Settings.

The following window will be displayed on nizima LIVE (PC).

4. Open nizima LIVE TRACKER (iPhone) with the above window displayed on nizima LIVE (PC).

5. Tap the menu button at the bottom right.

A menu is displayed.

6. Tap “PC connection”.

The PC connection setting screen is displayed.

From here, the explanation will be on the screen of nizima LIVE (PC) prepared in 3. and both screens.

7. Enter the “Port” and “PC IP address” displayed on the nizima LIVE (PC) side on the nizima LIVE TRACKER (iPhone), respectively.

8. On the nizima LIVE TRACKER (iPhone), tap “Start Mobile Tracking”.

“Status” changes to “Sending tracking data”.

9. Click Connect on nizima LIVE (PC).

The connection is complete when the “Status” changes to “Connected”.

There are the following four statuses.

  • Not connected (gray) — Connection not started
  • Waiting for connection (gray) — Attempting to connect * If it continues for 30 seconds, it will change to a connection error.
  • Connected (green) — Connection is successful
  • Connection error (yellow) — Waiting for connection continues for 30 seconds or more

Common causes of connection errors

  • PC and iPhone are not connected to the same Wi-Fi
  • Network settings are public (may be improved by changing to private)
  • Security software is blocking the connection between PC and iPhone (may be improved by reviewing the settings of security software)
  • Firewall is blocking the connection between PC and iPhone (may be improved by reviewing firewall settings)
  • I can’t get an IP address
  • There is a problem with the line, the line speed is slow

How to set the action button

The action button function is a function that allows you to easily play facial expressions and motions on nizima LIVE (PC) by simply tapping a button on the iPhone screen while connected to nizima LIVE (PC).

It is especially convenient because you can operate facial expressions and motions on your iPhone terminal when you do not touch the keyboard immediately, such as during game distribution. Also, since you can give a name to the button, it is less likely that you will make mistakes in playing facial expressions and motions.

Set by nizima LIVE (PC)

First, assign shortcut keys to facial expressions and motions on nizima LIVE (PC).

1. Open nizima LIVE (PC) and click “Facial Expression / Motion”.

A list of facial expressions and motions attached to the Live2D model will open.

  • For facial expressions and motions, it is necessary to create exp3.json (file that determines facial expressions) and motion3.json (file that determines motion) on Live2D Cubism.

2. Click the pull-down to the right of the facial expression / motion for which you want to set a shortcut key to open the setting.

3. Enter the name you want to display on nizima LIVE in “Display name”, enter the shortcut key you want to assign to the opened facial expression / motion in “Shortcut”, and click “Save”.

For example, if you want to set the model to play an angry expression when you press the “A” key, click the triangle to the right of the angry expression to open it, enter “angry” in the “display name”, and “shortcut” in the “shortcut”. Type a “and save.

4. Check if the shortcut key assigned on nizima LIVE (PC) works properly.

This completes the assignment of shortcut keys to facial expressions and motions on nizima LIVE (PC).

Set with nizima LIVE TRACKER (iPhone)

Set the shortcut key set in nizima LIVE (PC) in nizima LIVE TRACKER (iPhone) to the action button.

1. Open nizima LIVE TRACKER (iPhone) and tap the menu icon on the top page.

2. Tap the “Action Button”.

3. A screen with action buttons will be displayed. Tap the edit button in the upper right.

Switch to edit mode.

4. Select and tap the location where you want to set the shortcut button.

For example, if you want to set a specific facial expression to play when you press the top left button, tap the top left button.

The button setting screen opens.

5. Enter the name you want to give to the button in “Name”, enter the shortcut key you want to set in “Keyboard Shortcut”, and tap “Save”.

For example, if you want to set the shortcut key “a” for the angry expression set in the desktop version of 3, enter “angry” in “Name” and “[none] + a” in “Keyboard Shortcut”. you save.

6. Tap the checkmark in the upper right corner.

The edit mode ends.

Now you have set the action button keys on nizima LIVE TRACKER (iPhone).

When you tap the action button created on nizima LIVE TRACKER (iPhone), the corresponding facial expression / motion will be played on the Live2D model on nizima LIVE (PC).


1. Is there a charge for using nizima LIVE TRACKER?

There is no charge for downloading and using nizima LIVE TRACKER. However, packet communication charges will be borne by the customer.
For the desktop application “nizima LIVE“, we have prepared a free version with some function restrictions and a paid version with no function restrictions.

2. What is the difference between nizima LIVE and nizima LIVE TRACKER?

nizima LIVE is a desktop version of the app, and nizima LIVE TRACKER is a mobile version of the app.
You can use the desktop version alone, but by connecting to the mobile version and using the iPhone instead of the camera, you can achieve a more lively and high-quality model expression than the webcam.

3. Please tell me the recommended model of nizima LIVE TRACKER.

Recommended model: iPhone X or later, iOS 14.0 or later, storage capacity 500MB
Currently, only the iOS version is available.

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