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Live2D is advancing AI research to help creators create more efficient and appealing works of art.
After the revision of the terms and conditions and service expansion on May 25, 2022, we will use the model data submitted by nizima creators for AI research only with their permission.

Live2D is committed to conducting AI research that will make it easier for more creators to enjoy creating and monetizing their works.

Live2D AI Research Policy

Live2D is conducting AI research based on the following policy

1. conduct AI research to make creators happy.
Live2D modeling is a difficult task for novice users, and even for experienced users, the man-hours required are increasing as the level of requirements increase.
We have started AI research in order to improve such a situation and make modeling work more enjoyable for creators.

2. we do not aim for fully automated modeling by AI.
When you hear the phrase “AI technology assists modeling work,” you may worry that AI will fully automate modeling and creators will lose their jobs.
However, our goal is to reduce the man-hours required to reach a minimum level of quality with the assistance of AI, so that more man-hours can be devoted to improving quality.


As a specific example, we will present our research on AI assisted “facial motion application”.
This is a study to make it easier to generate XY and 4 corners of a face.
After the AI automatically generates the movement, the amount of shift and deformation can be adjusted with the slider bar.
Automatic generation of motion is done by estimating the amount of movement and deformation of each part.
In addition, creators can make additional adjustments to the movements generated by this function.

Other Studies

Other studies will include line extension and paint spreading to assist in material separation, and research to improve the accuracy of “automatic mesh generation”.

outside scope of research

On the other hand, Live2D Inc. does not conduct research to create illustrations from scratch or to fully automate Live2D modeling from illustrations.
The research will be conducted with the aim of using AI to support the subsequent processes of material separation, modeling, and animation, starting with the original illustration.

How to use nizima submission model data in your research

We will explain specifically how the nizima submission model data will be used for research.

1. selection of model data
We will select model data that can be used for the targeted research from among the nizima submitted model data for which we have received permission to use the data.

2. processing of model data
If necessary, model data is processed into a form suitable for AI training, or learning information is added.

3. learning process
AI (machine learning models) are trained using a large number of processed data.
Because it uses a large number of data, the AI’s training results will reflect average information from all the data used.
The provided models and textures themselves will not be included in the trained AI.

4. use of trained AI
The trained AI is integrated into the product and used to realize its functionality.

Scope of data collection

The scope of data collected is as follows

collected data
– Live2D artwork data for sale
– Data of illustrations for sale

Data not collected
– Gallery Artwork Data
– Custom-made work data
– Data sent via direct message

Exclusion of training data by changing settings

If a creator changes the setting from “Allow use in AI” to “Do not allow use in AI,” the collected data will be excluded from learning within 60 days of the setting change.
Please note, however, that it is not possible to exclude the influence of data once collected from an AI that has already been trained.

Setting permissions on nizima

After May 25, 2022, if you agree with the purpose of the AI research and give us permission to use the submitted data, you will be asked to set it up on the nizima service.
Settings can be changed at any time from the creator management screen.
For details, please refer to the nizima Terms of Service, which will be revised in the future.


These are Live2D’s AI research policies.
Creators who agree to the policy are asked to give their consent to data collection.
Let’s evolve 2D expression together!

Last update: April 25, 2022
Live2D Co., Ltd. (nizima team)

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