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nizima‘s Live2D modeling apps for you to enjoy! Have fun with your favorite model!

nizima model specifications

The “nizima model specification” attached to the application is a landmark that makes the model and the application many times more attractive.

When a character compatible with the “nizima model specification” is inserted into an application compatible with the “nizima model specification,” it reacts to touches and flicks and moves as if it were alive.

App list

nizima LIVE

nizima LIVE is a face tracking application that allows anyone to easily move Live2D models according to facial expressions and movements.

nizima Manager for FaceRig

Developer: Live2D Inc.

My Live2D Clock

My Live2D Clock is an application that allows you to load Live2D models on your Android or iOS device and use them as alarms or set them as Live wallpaper.

My Live2D Clock Store Image

Development: Karakurhythm Co.
Planning: Live2D Inc.

nizima desktop mascot “nizimas”

nizima Desktop Mascot “nizimas” is an application that displays Live2D characters on the desktop and allows you to watch them move.

Developer: Live2D Inc.

nizima Manager for FaceRig “nizimane”

nizimane is an application that makes it easy to set up Live2D models for use on FaceRig.

nizima Manager for FaceRig

Developer: Live2D Inc.