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nizima Desktop Mascot “nizimas” is an application that displays Live2D characters on the desktop and allows you to watch them move.

Live2D models compatible with the nizima model specification can be animated and respond to clicks and drags.
-> Works compatible with nizima model specifications

App developer: Live2D Inc.

Note: Currently in alpha version, so specifications are subject to change.
Note: The alpha version is completely free. There is a possibility that some functions will be available for a fee when the official version is released.
Note: Windows version only.

Initial startup

From 1.0.0-α.6, the official Live2D model “Kazuya” will be displayed upon startup. The model will have a move button displayed in the lower right corner. Please enjoy replacing or adding models from the right-click menu.
-> Operation menu

  • If the Kazuya model does not display on initial startup, it is likely that the version is out of date.
    Since 1.0.0-α.6, there have been considerable additions and changes to functions and screens. Please download the latest version from the download page and then refer to this page again.

Starting with 1.0.0-α.7, the model window has been moved from the taskbar to the tasktray.

If you close all the models …

If you have closed all models before 1.0.0-α.3 or all models, the file loading screen will open when you start nizimas. Select “model3.json” of the Live2D model you wish to display on the desktop.

Since 1.0.0-α.8, ZIP data can also be imported when importing models, such as export.zip of Live2D models purchased at nizima.

Mouse Operation

The Live2D model will appear on your desktop. Immediately after loading the model via the right-click menu, the model will be displayed in the center of the screen, 800×800 size.

Artistori ©mojacookie

Hover Mouse CursorFollow its direction with Live2D model gaze.
right clickOpen the operation menu.
Middle button dragMove position.
wheelScale up or down.
touchTouching inside the hit area produces a red ripple effect, and touching outside the area produces a blue ripple effect.

Artistori ©mojacookie
FlickA diamond-shaped effect is applied during flick operation.

Artistori ©mojacookie
Drag & DropDrag and drop a Live2D model file to change the model to be displayed.
  • A hit area is an area that can be made to respond arbitrarily to touch and flick, and can be set in the Cubism Editor.

Operation Menu

The character can be controlled by right-clicking on the character’s part.

  • Since 1.0.0-α.4, there have been considerable additions and changes to functions and screens. Please download the latest version from the download page and then refer to this page again.
menu item nameDescription.
Change modelLoads and displays a different model than the one currently displayed.
Change to recently opened modelChanges the currently displayed model to the most recently opened model.
Hide ModelTemporarily hides the currently operating model. The next time nizimas start up, the model will be displayed again.
Close ModelCompletely closes the model in operation. The next time nizimas starts up, the closed model will not be displayed.
Random PoseTurns random poses on and off. Turning this function on will automatically generate animation and allow the character to move freely.
-> What is a random pose?
Show Move ButtonsTurns the display of the move button ON/OFF. You can move your character by dragging this button.
nizima desktop mascot
Artistori ©mojacookie
Display TweetsToggles the display of tweets on and off. You can search for specific words and keep displaying them. Search words can be changed from the settings screen.
When this function is executed for the first time, the Twitter authentication screen will open.
-> Twitter Settings
settingOpen the settings screen. Various settings are available.

What is Random Pose?

The Cubism Editor has a feature called “Automatic Keyframe Generation with Random Pose. By moving each parameter automatically, as in this function, it is possible to create animations that are different from those that move with a predetermined motion.

Since the poses are random, they can become interesting or cute poses unintended by the creator, making them more enjoyable to view. You can set the ID to be enabled for random poses from the settings screen. Parameters that you really do not want to move automatically can be stopped.

  • Random Pose is a feature currently under testing and may differ slightly from Cubism Editor specifications.

Setup screen

The settings screen allows various settings for nizimas.

Overall settings

Launch app upon sign-inWhen turned on, this application is automatically launched when you sign in to Windows.
economical modeTurning ON will animate at 15FPS. Please switch ON/OFF as appropriate for your environment.
Voice EnablementWhen turned ON, the audio associated with the motion is played. This is effective only when the motion is associated with audio.
Number of recently opened models savedYou can specify the number of recently opened models to be saved in the settings.
Model Opacity SettingsYou can specify the model opacity when the mouse is disabled and when the mouse is over.
Open the configuration file folder Open the folder where the configuration files are located.
Open the installation folderOpen the folder where nizima Desktop Mascot is installed.

Model Setting

Switches facial expressions at a fixed timeTurn ON/OFF the function to switch facial expressions at random; by turning ON, the function can be switched at random at regular intervals when facial expressions are set.
Follow the mouseTurn ON/OFF the model’s ability to follow the mouse; by turning ON, the mouse cursor will point at the mouse when it is in the display area.
Show move buttonToggles the display of the move button ON/OFF. It is the same as [Show Move Button] in the right-click menu.
Show hit areasTurn ON/OFF the display of the hit area; when ON, the hit area is displayed in a red frame.
Adjustment of display areaSet the display area. After setting, the display area frame can be hidden by turning OFF. Reset to default.
Random PoseTurns random pose ON/OFF. It is the same as [Random Pose] in the right-click menu.
-> What is a random pose?
Set up a random pose.A list of parameters set in the model is opened, and the ON/OFF switch can be set for each parameter.
Open the model file folderOpen the folder where model3.json is stored for the model currently displayed.

Adjustment of display area

Drag the frameChanges the display range of the model. The size of the model is also enlarged or reduced according to the expansion or contraction.
Mouse scrolling on the modelResizes the model in the window
Drag the model with the wheel buttonsMoves the model position within the window

About Random Pose Settings

  • If cdi.json is available, the parameter ID can be displayed in Japanese.
    Note: cdi.json — This is a file that contains information linking part IDs and names, and can be output from the Cubism Editor.
  • The parameter ID varies depending on the model.

Twitter Settings

The Twitter function allows you to search for specific words and keep them displayed. Search words can be set in Settings – Twitter Settings.

Enable Twitter functionalityTurns the Twitter function on and off. turning it on opens the Twitter window.
AuthenticationIf the authentication information was not saved when the Twitter function was set to enable “ON”, the login authentication screen will open. If the authentication is successfully allowed, “OK” will be displayed.
DeauthenticationCancel the previous authentication.
Blowout / FlowSwitches the display mode.
Search / ListSwitches the tweets to be display.
When Search, set the search word. If you leave the search word “blank”, the search results will be displayed as “nizima”.
When List, select the list to be displayed.

If the credentials for the Twitter function are not saved, the login credentials screen will open.

  • The search results are based on Twitter’s specifications because the results are obtained using Twitter’s API.

From the task tray

Add and load modelsLoad another model additionally. Multiple models can be displayed.
Add recently opened modelsLoads a new recently opened model additionally.
Multiple models can be displayed.
View All ModelsDisplays all hidden models.
Hide All ModelsHides all displayed models.
Close All ModelsClose all models. Apps will remain in the task tray.
Reset positionThe display position of the model can be reset to the center of the screen.
Disable ClicksThe model becomes translucent on mouse-over and transparent to the mouse.
Always displayed in the foregroundIt is possible to switch ON/OFF whether the model is displayed in the foreground or not.
settingOpen the settings screen. Only the overall settings can be set. Model settings and Twitter settings are not displayed.
Open nizimaOpen the nizima website in your browser.
Open HelpOpen the manual site (this site) in your browser
version informationDisplays the application version in a separate window
ExitExit the app. The last opened model and window position will be saved.


Soon we’ll download the desktop mascot and play with it in Live2D!