Before posting your work, please check the external links that can be included in the work details.

  • The notes regarding external links apply to all services and functions provided by nizima, including profiles, works, direct messages, etc.

Basic Concept

External links should only contain information that is relevant and complementary to the work.

Specifically, they are as follows

  • A link to a video page created as an explanatory video of the work in question
    Only YouTube will be displayed as an embedded link. Please note that videos will not be displayed if “Embedding to external sites” is not allowed in the video settings on the YouTube side.
  • Creator’s own SNS, web page with profile
    If you are working in a group or created by more than one person, links to those involved in the creation are acceptable.
  • Article content featuring creators and applicable works
    Note: Only allowed if you have permission from the site where the article is to be published. Please clearly state that you have obtained permission from the relevant site.
  • If your work is rejected because of external links during the review process, please remove the link text as soon as possible.

If you have any other external links that you are unsure about, please contact us through Contact Us.

Forbidden external links

Please do not include links that fall under any of the following descriptions.

Specifically, they are as follows

  • Links to sites that infringe copyright
  • Links that encourage the purchase or downloading of artwork on sites other than nizima
  • Links that promote free (free) downloads
  • Links that contain pornography, violence, or other content offensive to public order and morals
  • Links to websites or apps for the purpose of obtaining unauthorized information or criminal activity
  • Links to affiliate content
  • Links to other sites that the Company deems inappropriate

Not all cases are covered.

Operation Policy

If we deem that the contents of the application are not in accordance with these precautions, we may request that you revise your description.

If you receive a communication from the management, we would appreciate your cooperation in removing the relevant external link as soon as possible.