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Unable to edit

Some items may not be editable depending on the content of the work’s post and selling preferences. Please note the following when selling for the first time.

After Post

  • Can not change the type of artwork (illustration, Live2D)
  • Can not change the type of post (selling , gallery)
  • Can not change in quantity

After passing the review

  • Can not change of selling data (original data selling, exported data selling)
    Note: Data can be replaced.
  • Can not removing limited-quantity works

Editing Works

You can edit the work on the detail screen of each work.

  • Cache is enabled in nizima to improve display speed. When replacing the preview.zip file of a Live2D work, it may take some time to reflect the new data because the cache is enabled. Please note that it may take up to 1 day for the replaced data to be reflected.
  • If the preview images, etc. are not replaced after “up to 1 day,” please try “clearing the cache. The procedure varies depending on the browser you are using, so please check the “Delete Cache” procedure for your browser.

    How to “Delete Cache” for Chrome users on PC

1. access nizima and sign in.

2. Click on “Profile / Work Management” from the menu in the upper right corner.

3. Click on the thumbnail image or title of the post you wish to edit.

If your work is under review

4. Click [Edit] under [Awaiting Review].

If the work is currently selling

5. Click “Stop Selling” to stop selling.

This process is necessary to prevent the purchase of the relevant work while editing is in progress.
The “Stop Selling” button will disappear and the “Start Selling” button will appear.

6. under “Start Selling”, click “Edit“.

7. edit what you want to edit and click “Re-post“.

  • If you have posted the wrong type, form, or quantity of work, please delete your work and re-post it in a new entry.
  • You can replace the selling data after the review process is completed, but you cannot add or delete any part of the data.

Past versions will remain even if the selling data is replaced. Purchasers will be able to download each version.

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Delete cache

If images for preview, etc. are not replaced after “up to 1 day“, please try “Delete Cache”. The procedure varies depending on the environment and browser you are using. Please check the procedure for your environment.

Since Chrome is the recommended environment for nizima, we will only introduce the “Delete Cache” procedure when using OS: Windows 10 and browser: Chrome.

1. copy and paste the following into the address bar of Chrome


2. Set the time period to include the date the work was edited.

Please try a shorter period of time, as data from sites other than nizima will also be deleted. If the cache is not deleted, please try a different period of time.

3. Uncheck [ Browsing History ] [ Cookies and Other Site Data ].

Only the cache will be deleted, so please uncheck the other checkboxes. In particular, please note that [ Cookies and other site data ] will clear not only nizima’s cache, but also other sites’ login information and so on.

4. Click “Delete Data”.

Please hard reload the work detail page (Ctrl+Shift+R) and check if the data has been replaced.

Delete a work

Click [Delete] on the work detail page to delete the work.

  • If [ Delete ] is grayed out, the work cannot be deleted.
  • Works sold in limited quantities cannot be removed.

A message will be displayed. Please confirm the contents and click “Delete“.

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