Buying guide

Illustrations and Live2D works purchased at nizima are granted usage license rights and can be used for various doujin activities.

Its uses include video posting, game production, VTuber, and more.
Find the best work for your purpose and get your favorite illustrations and Live2D models!

-> If you are thinking of selling your work

Available for purchase

There will be two types of content available for purchase on nizima: illustrations and Live2D models.

original illustration

Still image files, psd files, etc.

Contents vary depending on the work and the data being selling. In addition, some works may have restrictions on the use of their contents. Please be sure to read and understand the description on the detailed page of the work before purchasing.

nizima has two sales categories, primary sales and secondary sales, whereby purchased illustrations can be converted into Live2D models and sold within nizima.
-> Selling guide

Live2D Model

cmo3 files, moc3 files, etc.

  • After purchasing and downloading Live2D Cubism, please use Cubism Viewer, which is included with Live2D Cubism, to check the operation of Live2D models and associate animations as necessary. Free trial period and free version are also available.

Contents vary depending on the work and the data being sold. Some works may also include restrictions on use.

Be sure to read and understand the description on the product’s detail page before making your purchase, especially including checking to see if the model is for VTubers.

Before purchasing a work of art

User registration is required to purchase artworks.

  • If you are a corporation or a sole proprietor, you can sell your own content. However, you cannot purchase content that is selling on nizima.

-> For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions about purchasing content.

1. access nizima.

2. First, click “Illustrations” and “Live2D Models” on the top page to find your favorite works.
-> Top Page

3. search for works by keyword/tag, work or user, work type, category, price range, etc.
-> Search

Search Options

All items in the search option are searched for and.


Enter the text you wish to search for and press Enter. If you add “# (hash)”, the search will be performed using hashtags.


You can choose whether to search for works or users. By selecting this option, the available options menu will be toggled.


Selling Works

Refers to works available for purchase. Find a piece you like and buy it!

Gallery Works

Refers to works that are only for show or registered as the creator’s portfolio. They cannot be downloaded or purchased.



A still image such as a PNG, JPEG, or PSD file.
It can be used for social networking icons, headers, images for websites and blogs, and illustrations for videos and novels.
There are also PSD files with parts divided into layers for Live2D modeling. “I can’t draw, but I want to make a Live2D model!” This is recommended for those who cannot draw but would like to create a Live2D model.

Live2D Models

Live2D is an expression technology that breathes life into illustrations and makes it possible to create 3D expressions in 2D. For more information, please visit the official Live2D website.

Limited Number

By checking the “Limited to 1 item only” checkbox, the search results will be displayed for pieces sold in limited quantities of 1 item only.

Price Range

Enter a lower or upper price limit and press Enter. Checking the “Include sold-out titles” checkbox will display search results that include sold-out titles.

Some of the pieces for sale are available in limited quantities. When the quantity set by the creator is exceeded, the product will be sold out (SOLD OUT) and will no longer be available for purchase.
If a creator is popular and only selling a limited quantity, it will often not appear in the search results. If you want to find your favorite creator, just put a check mark in the search!

Lower limit price

You can search for selling pieces above a specified price.

Upper limit price

You can search for works below a specified price. Gallery pieces are included in the search results as 0 yen. If you want to exclude gallery pieces, please set the type to “Selling” or set a lower price limit.

  • Price ranges are always searched at the selling price, even if discounted. Please note that the price is not the price after discount.
  • If the price display setting is turned off after a product is sold out (SOLD OUT), it will not appear in the search results.

Selling Status

By checking the “Include works in preparation for selling” checkbox, the search results will include works that are in preparation for selling.

  • What is “Preparing for Selling”?
    A work that is registered for sale but is not currently being sold due to the creator’s circumstances.
    In some cases, the work may be temporarily suspended when the creator is editing it, or it may be suspended because a buyer has already been selected and negotiations are in progress. If a work you like is being prepared for selling, DM the creator directly to confirm.

You can also sort the list by clicking on the “sort by:” button in the upper right corner.

Check work details

1. click on the thumbnail of the work you are interested in to go to the detailed page of the work.

2. On the work detail page, check the thumbnail (preview) contents, description, file contents, price, etc. to make sure that the selling contents are suitable for your use.

3. For Live2D works, if the creator has posted a preview file (, the Live2D preview will be selectable on the leftmost side of the sample thumbnail image list.

Note: There is no preview function for illustration works.
Note: Live2D model files must be SDK-compatible in order to be displayed on the web.
Not all Live2D models are SDK-compatible, so please check the description of the work details at the bottom.

4. Click on “Show Live2D Preview” to open the preview window in modal mode.

5. Click outside the preview frame (grayed-out area) to close the preview frame.

6. Check the detailed description of the work. You can view the entire description by clicking Read More at the bottom of the detailed description.

If the contents of a file that can be purchased as an illustration work are PSD files, PSD files output by CLIP STUDIO PAINT may not be able to be opened in PhotoShop due to differences in layer structure, etc.

In the case of Live2D productions, there are a variety of models, including those that support VTubers, those that do not, and those for video. Also, there are Free and Pro versions, as well as different versions of the software. Be sure to check them carefully.

7. click on File Contents to review the file contents that will be available for download after purchase.

Just because an image or motion data is displayed as a thumbnail on the work detail page does not necessarily mean that the same image or motion data is included in the purchased data. In the case of illustration works, only PSD may be included. In the case of Live2D works, it may be included in the animation file (can3), or it may be included in the preview but not in the purchased data.

If you have any questions that are not answered in the work details, you can comment in the comments section of the work details or send a direct message to the creator.

9. select the selling data you wish to purchase. In the image, “Original Data Selling” is selected.

10. Press “Add to cart“.

  • Selling data includes “Export Data Selling” and “Original Data Selling”. If the creator has registered both, the tabs are displayed. You cannot select selling data that is not displayed.
  • Due to the nature of the work (product), no returns or cancellations are allowed after purchase, even if purchased by mistake.

In case of purchasing the exported data and original data in error, please repurchase or in the case of a one-of-a-kind item, it may be “SOLD OUT”. Please negotiate directly with the creator.
-> Selling Data

Examples of accidental purchases

I thought I purchased the original data, but I mistakenly purchased the exported data. When I tried to repurchase the data, it was a one-of-a-kind item, so it was “SOLD OUT” and I could not repurchase it.

We send a direct message to the creator asking, “Can you resell one of the original data of the work in question? Or, can you sell the original data for the difference as a made-to-order request? We asked the creator if he would be willing to resell one of the original data of the work in question. As a result, they agreed to sell the original data for the difference as a custom-made order.

11. please confirm that the message has been switched to “Remove from cart” and that the number of the item currently in the cart is displayed on the cart icon in the header.

Buy a work of art

Once you find a piece you like and add it to your cart, purchase the piece.

1. click the cart icon in the upper right corner to check the contents of your cart.

2. click on the thumbnail or title of the work to return to the detail page.

3. can be removed from the cart by clicking on the [X] icon.

4. Click [Add Price] to switch to numerical input. Enter the price you want to add.

  • On the payment page, you can add on the price. If you see a model you like, support the creators by adding to the price!

5. Click “Proceed to Checkout“.

6. three types of payment methods are available: credit card, WebMoney, and PayPal.

-> WebMoney

-> Credit Cards

-> PayPal


7. Click on the WebMoney icon.

You will be redirected to the WebMoney site. Please follow the instructions to make your payment.

Credit Cards

The following types of credit cards are accepted for nizima purchases.

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Diners Club
  • For JCB and American Express, please use PayPal.

8. If you have already completed [Account Settings]-[Credit Card Registration], it will appear under [Use Registered Card].

9. If you are not registered, or if you are registered but wish to use another card, select “Use another card” and enter your card information.

If you check the “Save card information” checkbox and make a purchase, you will be able to view and modify your registration information in [Account Settings]-[Credit Card Registration].

  • Credit card information is handled safely by encrypted communication with an outside payment service. In addition, credit card information is not stored in nizima, as only payment results are shared from external payment services.

10. Click [Proceed to Confirm Purchase].

11. If you are satisfied with the information displayed, click “Place Order“.

  • When using a card that supports 3-D Secure, you will be transferred to an external authentication service.
  • For details about 3-D Secure, please contact your credit card company.
    We will not be able to answer your inquiries to nizima.

12. When the completion page appears, your purchase is complete! Let’s download the data right away.


13. Click on the PayPal icon and click Proceed with Purchase.

14. Click the PayPal button on the purchase confirmation page.

15. A pop-up window will move to the PayPal login screen, so please follow the steps to make your payment.

  • For information on how to use PayPal, please contact the PayPal management company.
  • Please note that PayPal cannot accept payments from outside Japan.

-> How to respond when a payment error occurs


Purchase Completion Page

Once the purchase of a work is completed, the work can be downloaded immediately.

1. on the purchase completion screen, click “Download” for each title. The latest data will be downloaded.

Profile Page

You can download your artwork from the list of purchased artworks on your profile page.

1. access nizima and sign in.

2. Click on “Profile / Work Management” from the menu in the upper right corner.

3. Click on “Purchased“.

4. Click “Download“. The latest downloadable data will be downloaded.

The Work Detail page

This page is displayed when you have purchased the corresponding work. On this page, you can also download previous versions of the work if they exist.

5. click on the thumbnail image or title of the work in the “Purchased” list.

6. Click [Download].

About past versions

Only if there is a previous version, you will see the download list as shown below. Click “Download” of the version you want to download. The corresponding version of the data will be downloaded.

  • There is no time limit for re-downloading. You can download your purchased works as many times as you like from the list of purchased works.
  • Even if a creator deletes his/her work, the data already purchased will continue to be available for download.

For those who are thinking of selling their works

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

For other details, please refer to the [Terms of Use] and feel free to contact us from [Contact Us].