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How to Sign Up

1. from the nizima top page, press Sign In.

2. Click “New Registration” on the login page.

3. Enter your e-mail address and password.

Password must be at least 6 characters, including lowercase and uppercase letters and numbers.

If the conditions are met, it will turn green.
If you cannot press Next, the password contains an unusable string or the condition is not met.
For more information on the character strings that can be used, please see “If you have trouble logging in…“. for the character strings that can be used.

4. Fill in the information.

  • Once the attributes are set, they cannot be changed later, so please check carefully before setting.
  • Models cannot be purchased by sole proprietors (who have already submitted an opening notification) or corporations. Please refer to the Terms of Use for details.

5. Click the [New Registration] button to complete temporary registration.

You will receive an email and check it. If you do not receive it, please check the following

What to expect if you do not receive an email

  • There may be a time lag in sending. Please wait a while and try the temporary registration again.
  • There is a possibility that you entered the registered email address incorrectly. Please register again.
  • Please set so that you can receive emails from @
  • It may have arrived in your junk mail folder. Please check your junk mail folder and check your mail settings.
  • There is a possibility of browser trouble. Please update your browser or try a different browser than last time.
  • Hotmail and icloud may not be delivered due to the strict judgment of junk mail. Please try if you can receive it with another email address.

If you do not receive the email by all means, please let us know the detailed situation from the contact us form.

If you can’t click the URL in the email

  • The link may have been broken over time. Please register again from the beginning.
  • There is a possibility of browser trouble. Please try with a different browser than last time.
  • There is a possibility of link trouble. Try pasting the URL directly into your browser.

6. click on the URL in the e-mail, and when the registration completion screen appears, you are done.

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