This function is for creator members. For general members, please use Direct Message.


This function allows you to send direct messages in bulk to people who have purchased your work or follow you.

Messages sent using this feature will be sent to each user’s direct message.

If you have turned on web notifications for direct messages, notifications will be sent to the recipient. Also, if you have turned on e-mail notification for direct messages, the details of the direct message will be sent via e-mail as well.

If the recipient has not turned on each notification, the message may not be opened.

Also, if the recipient is blocked you, the message will not be delivered.


The following limitations apply to sending messages in bulk.

Once every 24 hours

Only one bulk message can be sent in a 24-hour period.

You can create and save as many drafts as you wish, but you can only send a bulk message once. However, this does not apply to correction messages.

If you wish to send multiple separate messages, please use individual direct messages.

One message correction also

Correction of a message already sent in bulk can be used only once.

For example, it is not possible to create and send multiple correction messages, such as corrections of corrections. Please check the body of the message carefully before sending it to avoid a situation where you have to make multiple corrections.

If you need to make multiple corrections, please send a new bulk message.

Confirmation of the person to be sent

The recipients will be sent to those who are “eligible for transmission at the time of transmission”.

If the time of purchase overlaps immediately after the message is sent, the recipient may not be included. Also, if the timing of follow-up and unfollow-up overlap, you may be excluded or included.

You can check the number of eligible persons in the list and details.

The number of buyers plus the number of followers does not always equal the number of people to be sent.

For example, if you are a purchaser and a follower, the total number of people is two, but duplicates will be removed and sent. Also, if you are a purchaser of another item under the same account, the total number of purchasers will be displayed.

There is no destination list available for messages sent in bulk.

Please check your past history in direct messages to see which people you were sent to individually. If there is no message history, you may have been removed from the list of people to whom the message was sent.

If the message has not been sent after an hour or more, it is likely that it has been excluded from being sent, so please send a direct message with the same content manually.

Number of followers

If you have no followers, you cannot send messages to followers in bulk.

Please make sure you have followers on your profile beforehand.

Deleting Sent Files

As with general mail, etc., it cannot be deleted by the sender, so please contact the recipient to have it removed.

Delete Sent Messages

Data in drafts can be deleted, but once transmission is complete, the data cannot be deleted.

External Links

We ask that you refrain from posting external links in the text as much as possible. If you must include them, please read the “Notes on External Links” carefully before using them.

new message

Create Message

1. access nizima and sign in.

2. Click on “Bulk Messages” in the user menu.

3. Click on “New Message“.

Edit Message

Enter the required information.


This item is displayed in the list page of batch message sending. It is displayed only to the sender and not to the recipient.

Give yourself an easy-to-understand title.


This is the content sent by direct message.

Some people view the site not only on a computer but also on a cell phone. Make sure to include appropriate line breaks and white space to make it easy to read.

Longer sentences than necessary may be skipped. Focus on the one or two most important messages and send them on different days.

Attached image file

Up to three image files (up to 2 MB per file) can be attached in one transmission.

  • It will be sent to a direct message and will be displayed in a vertical line.
  • ZIP files cannot be sent in bulk.
    If you must send a preview ZIP or other compressed file, please send it individually via direct message.



By selecting the purchased works, you can send a bulk e-mail to the person who purchased the work.


You can send a bulk message to people who follow you.


By selecting the purchased works, you can send the bulk to the person who purchased the work and to the people who follow you.

  • The buyer or, in all cases, the message cannot be saved and sent as a draft without selecting a work from the list of eligible works.
  • If you select all but no followers, it will be the same as if you selected buyers.

List of eligible works

The message is displayed when you have selected the purchaser or all as the recipient. Clicking on a work will take you to the “Selected Works List,” where you can select the work to send a bulk message to.

  • Only works that have been purchased at least once will be displayed.
  • Deleted works that have been previously purchased will be displayed.

Excluding deleted

If checked, deleted works will be hidden from the list of target works.


If checked, only custom-made works will be displayed in the list of eligible works.

Limited Edition Works

If checked, only limited quantity works will be displayed in the list of eligible works. The limited quantity is not necessarily 1.

Search by Work ID

Entering a work ID will display the works in question. Exact match search is available.

  • A part of the URL of the work detail page (the last numeral part) is the ID of the work.
    Please also check your email as it will be included in either the email notifying you of completion of review or the email notifying you of your purchase.

Select All

Clicking on the “Selected Works” button moves all works displayed in the “Target Works List” to the “Selected Works List” and makes them available for bulk sending of messages. If the display is narrowed down using a filter, works that are hidden will not be selected.

List of Selected Works

Selected works from the list of target works will be displayed. By clicking on it, you can move to the “List of Target Works” and remove it from the list of works to be sent in a bulk message.

A message will be sent to the person who purchased the work shown in this list. You can check the list of selected works before sending the message, so please check carefully to make sure there are no mistakes.

Release all

Click to move all works displayed in the “Selected Works List” to the “Targeted Works List” and remove all works from the list.

Save Draft and Send

Save Draft

Click [ Save Draft ].

The data will be saved to the server and you will be redirected to the detail page.


Click [Confirm].

  • If you have sent a bulk message within 24 hours, the [ Confirm ] button cannot be pressed.
    The date and time when the button becomes available for transmission is clearly indicated at the bottom of the button, so please submit after the date and time specified.

A confirmation modal will appear.

If you wish to cancel

Click [ Cancel ].

The transmission is aborted and the modal closes.

If you want to send

Click [ Send ].

Messages are sent in bulk, and the screen transitions to the list page.

  • When a bulk message is sent using this function, the fixed string [Bulk Message] appears at the top of the message.

Draft Message

Create Message

A new draft message can be created by composing a new message and clicking [ Save Draft ].

You can also create a correction draft message by creating a correction message and pressing [ Save Draft ].

Edit Message

1. On the list page, click on the title of the draft message you wish to edit among the messages that have already been saved as drafts.

Note: Messages labeled [ draft ] are not yet sent and can be edited.

The target editing page will open.

2. thereafter, do the same as editing the message.

  • The outgoing message ID is displayed only when a draft is saved.

Deleting Messages

1. Click the trash icon next to the draft message you wish to delete.

  • Once deleted, a draft message cannot be restored.
  • Messages without a trash icon cannot be deleted.

correcting message

Create Message

1. On the list page, click the edit icon next to a message that has already been sent and you wish to correct.

  • If a correction message has already been created, the edit icon will not appear.
  • Correction messages are threaded by bracketing the original message with a [ to the left.

Edit Message

1. Enter the required information.

  • In the case of a correction message, the title and destination cannot be changed.


The original message will appear as input as is. Please correct the corrections and resend the message.

If the body of the message is long, please include a request to delete the original message and either “send it all over again” or “send a new one with a comparison of before and after revisions and only the revised parts.


Please attach the new image you wish to send.

  • There are no changes to the restrictions on image attachments.
  • The image of the original message cannot be deleted.

2. Save Draft or Send.

For other details, please refer to the [Terms of Use] and feel free to contact us from [Contact Us].