For creators, we have compiled a list of how to use nizima custom-made to order.

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Let’s set up a custom-made reception!

nizima allows users to request Live2D models and illustrations directly from creators. To accept or stop receiving custom-made requests, please update the status of your request from [Custom-made Request Settings].


The initial setting immediately after creator registration is Stop accepting orders.

In addition, sales types that are no longer accepting made-to-order orders are displayed in gray text when they appear in the user search results.

Update custom-made reception settings

1. Click on “Account Settings” in the upper right menu.

2. Click on “Custom-made Reception Settings” from the menu on the left.

Custom-Made Reception Settings

AcceptingSet if you are accepting custom-made orders.
The minimum amount will be displayed in the search results even if “Illustration work accepted” or “Live2D work accepted” is unchecked.
NegotiableThis is set in cases where custom-made products can be accepted depending on the delivery date and other conditions.
If you uncheck the “Illustration work available” or “Live2D work available” checkbox, you will be able to search using the “Custom-made request available” filter in the user search, but the minimum amount will not be displayed in the search results.
Stop acceptingDefault setting. Set if you do not use custom-made.

Fill in each item.

The following items should be written in the details of each production to facilitate the matching of orders.

  • Flow after receiving an order
  • A more detailed fee schedule specified for each request
  • Request Template
  • Other frequently asked questions, etc.

Comment Example

Please let us know in advance via direct message what you would like to do.
We will provide an estimate based on the content.

Detailed examples of illustration production

[Reference price]
One person face-up: XXXX yen and up
Bust up of one person: XXXX yen and up
Full body of 1 person: XXXX yen and up
Characters other than: XXXX yen and up

Items on hand: XXXX yen and up
Decorations such as headgear: XXXX yen and up
Effects: XXXX yen and up

Single picture: XXXX yen and up
Parts of the image are divided into distant view, near view, etc.: XXXX yen and up

Note: Copyrights are not transferred.

[Request Template]
Illustration for use in:.
Number of persons:.
With or without background:.
With or without parting:.
Canvas size:.
Other remarks:.

Detailed examples of Live2D production

[Reference price]
With the same range of motion as the official Live2D sample.
XXXX yen and up
Delivery time and price will vary greatly depending on the availability of original drawings, the state of parts division, and the availability of motion.
Note: If you also request original artwork, the copyright is not transferred.

[Request Template]
Model Uses:.
Whether original drawings are available or not: (Please also state whether they are already separated into parts.)
With or without facerig support:.
With or without motion:. (if any, please specify the type and number of motions)
Other remarks:.

3. Click “Save” when you have finished entering each item.

  • If you check the “Illustration creation accepted” or “Live2D creation accepted” checkbox, you will be able to edit the corresponding item!
  • The minimum amount entered will be displayed in the search results.
  • If neither “Illustration” nor “Live2D” is unchecked in the “Accepting” or “Negotiable” status, you will not receive the request. Don’t forget to check the checkboxes.

Note: You can change or update your profile at any time from Account SettingsCustom-made Reception Settings in the upper right menu. The last update date will be listed in your profile, so be sure to maintain it regularly.

Other settings can also be made from the custom-made list page.

Confirmation of custom-made reception settings

4. Click on “Profile / Work Management” in the upper right menu.

5. Check that the settings are properly reflected.

Please click on “Custom-made Receipt Status” to open it before checking it, as it is closed in the accordion menu by default.

  • Be as specific as possible, including examples and price lists (plans).

6. please check that the user search results are also reflected correctly.

Note: The lowest price will also appear in the search results, so be sure to state the price.

  • Even if you uncheck the “Illustration work accepted” or “Live2D work accepted” checkbox (to stop accepting applications) and save the file, the minimum amount you entered will still appear in the search results.
  • If either “Illustration” or “Live2D” is unchecked while in the “consulting” status, you can search by using the filter “custom-made requests accepted” in the user search, but both fees will be displayed in a blank field.

Please use the direct message function for custom-made productions.

Basically, we communicate with each other through direct messages to discuss the details of custom-made requests and to communicate during the production process.

  • We will not be able to respond to any problems with messages exchanged outside of the nizima website. Please communicate within nizima.

When the custom-made comes in.

Confirmation via web notification

When a custom-made request is received, the web notification will take you to the detail page.

Confirmation from menu

You can see the custom-made orders that have been placed from the menu “Custom-made”.

1. order/receipt switch tab

This toggles between placing an order (request side) and receiving an order (creator side). If you have never placed an order, the order side will be left blank.

2. display options

Check the box to display the list by status.

under request
Custom-made not accepted
Custom-made cancelled by the client
Custom-made accepted by the creator
Custom-made refused by the creator.
already delivered
Custom-made already delivered
CompletedCustom-made products for which payment has been made and the transaction has been completed

3. overview of custom-made

Click on the custom-made title to go to the detail page.

4. sort display order

You can change the display order of the listed custom-made items in order of new arrival, delivery date ascending, or delivery date descending.

5. custom-made reception settings

You will be redirected to the Order Made Reception Settings page. Check again that the settings are turned on.

Custom-made detail page

You will also be redirected to this page if you receive a web notification or an e-mail with a request for a custom-made item.

  • After acceptance, the amount, delivery date, etc. cannot be changed. Please discuss the contents and amount of the project in advance via direct message.

Send a sample model for confirmation.

If you want to send a sample file to check the Live2D model during the production process, you can send “” via direct message to view a preview.

  • If the file name “” is incorrect, the preview will not be displayed. If you do not see the preview, please check for duplicate extensions such as “” and make sure the spelling is correct.
  • Since it is possible to download the data, it should only be used for confirmation purposes, and measures such as reducing the resolution should be taken.

Let’s deliver!

Open and deliver the accepted custom-made details.

delivery page image

1. drag and drop your work file to post.

Only one zip file can be delivered.

If you are delivering multiple files, such as a single image data or Live2D model, please compress them into a zip file.

  • Unlike regular work postings, there is no fixed file name.
    Please be aware that the purchaser may not be able to decompress (extract) the file properly after downloading due to garbled characters in Japanese or other 2-byte characters. For compressed files, we recommend file names consisting of one-byte alphanumeric characters.

2. Set the thumbnail.

Thumbnails will be displayed in the buyer’s purchase listings, etc. Specify an image that is easy to understand.

3. click on “Post” to complete delivery.

Re-delivery is possible even after delivery and payment has been completed.

  • There are no restrictions on payment, such as within X days of delivery, so if you want the payment to be made earlier, it is recommended to tell them by DM, “Please make the payment within X days.” If you want the payment to be made earlier, it is recommended to inform the recipient by DM, for example, “Please make the payment within X days.
  • When a delivery is made, the status is changed to Delivered and an e-mail notification is automatically sent to the recipient. However, no notification will be sent for re-deliveries. If you need to re-deliver, contact the recipient by DM after delivery.

How to cancel a custom-made order

If for some reason you wish to cancel an order, we can do so as long as both the client and creator agree to the cancellation.
Please contact us from [Contact Us] after confirming the following information.

– ID (profile URL) of the person with whom you are doing business
– Custom-made ID to be cancelled
– Do you have the other party’s consent to cancel?
– Before making an inquiry, please make sure that you have informed the recipient that nizima management will contact them via nizima direct message to confirm the cancellation.

  • Cancellation cannot be handled without the consent of both parties.
    However, if you have been unable to contact the recipient for any reason, such as not receiving a reply after contacting them, please contact us with a detailed description of the circumstances of the correspondence.
  • nizima provides a forum for trading of contents between users and Creators, and does not accept any consignment to buy or sell from Creators.
    Therefore, please note that transactions between users and creators are solely the responsibility of the parties involved.

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

For other details, please refer to the [Terms of Use] and feel free to contact us from [Contact Us].