nizima LIVE 1.2 Release Commemoration! Hashtag Campaign

Tweet a screenshot taken with nizima LIVE’s new “Screenshot Function” to win a 50,000 yen gift certificate!

Follow nizima’s official Twitter (@nizima_official) and tweet a screenshot image taken using the new “screenshot function” of nizima LIVE, a face-tracking application for VTubers, with the hashtag “#nizimaLIVEでスクショ” to win an Amazon gift certificate worth 50,000 yen!

Tweet your favorite screencaps from nizima LIVE!

Campaign Details

Follow nizima’s official Twitter (@nizima_official) and tweet a screenshot you took using nizima LIVE’s screenshot function with the hashtag “#nizimaLIVEでスクショ” during the period, and one lucky person will win a 50,000 yen Amazon gift certificate!

Note: Screenshots taken using the iPhone application “nizima LIVE TRACKER” and the iPhone’s own screenshot function are also acceptable for participation!

Campaign Period

Tuesday, July 19, 2022 – Sunday, July 31, 2022 23:59 JST


Amazon gift certificate worth 50,000 yen for 1 winner

How to participate

1. follow nizima’s official Twitter account (@nizima_official)

2. take a screenshot using nizima LIVE’s screenshot function

You can also participate with a screenshot taken using the iPhone app “nizima LIVE TRACKER” and the iPhone’s own screenshot function!

3. tweet the image with the hashtag “#nizimaLIVEでスクショ”

Examples: “I took a screener”, “I’m VTuber XX! Nice to meet you.”

4. complete application!

Plan Details How to Buy


Q. Can I participate for free?

A. nizima LIVE offers a free plan, so of course you can attend with the free plan!
The free plan has some functional limitations, such as limitation of camera usage time and logo display.
Please see the Pricing Plans page for the difference between free and paid plans and their fees.

Q. Can I participate on my mobile phone?

A. You can participate with your iPhone. The iPhone application “nizima LIVE TRACKER” does not have a screenshot function, so please take a screenshot using “nizima LIVE TRACKER” and the iPhone’s screenshot function.
Please use your iPhone or PC to participate in the event, as “nizima LIVE TRACKER” is currently not available on android devices.

Q. How can I use nizima LIVE?

A. Various usage methods are described on the About nizima LIVE page.

Q. I don’t have my own Live2D model.

A. You can participate! nizima LIVE includes 10 Live2D models including newly written original models as sample models, so please use the sample models.

Q. Can I participate with photos or videos that I have collaborated with friends or acquaintances?

A. You are more than welcome! We recommend that you tweet from the accounts of each participant in the collaboration, as the account that submits the tweet will be entered into the drawing.

Q. Can I tweet multiple times from the same account?

A. You are more than welcome!

Q. Can I participate with models other than Live2D, such as 3D models?

A. You cannot participate. nizima LIVE is a tracking application for Live2D models only.


  • After the campaign period, winners will be notified by direct message from nizima’s official Twitter account. Winning results will be announced by sending a direct message to the winners.
  • Private Twitter accounts will not be eligible for entry as retweets and follows cannot be verified.
  • Tweets posted outside of the period will not be eligible for entry.
  • If you have set your Twitter account to reject direct mail, we will not be able to contact you and you will not be eligible to enter the contest.
  • If you do not respond to the direct message informing you of your selection within one week, your selection will be voided.
  • Winning rights and gift items are not transferable to third parties or redeemable for cash.
  • If your account has been deleted or unfollowed at the time of winning, you will not be eligible.
  • Please strictly adhere to the copyright and usage rules for models and items used.
  • Other entries may be disqualified if the content of the participation is deemed to be injurious to third parties, offensive to public order and morals, or unfair by Live2D.
  • Please do not apply from multiple Twitter accounts by the same person.
  • We will not respond to any inquiries regarding the status or results of the lottery.
  • This campaign is subject to end without notice.

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