I will explain the flow of purchasing various plans with your nizima account.

First of all, membership registration

New registration is required to purchase various plans with your nizima account and obtain a license.

  • If you already have a nizima account, you can use it with the same account.
    Please enter the same ID / password as nizima on the sign-in screen to use it.

Also, registering your credit card information in advance is convenient for automatic license renewal. You can enter the card at the time of purchase, but we recommend that you register in advance.

Check the details of the plan

Each plan sold in your nizima account is listed on the top page.

1. Carefully read the details of each plan and press [Buy now] for the plan you want to purchase.

STEP 1 Confirm your order

  • Currently, you cannot purchase the same plan more than once.
    The license of the purchased plan will be automatically renewed.
  • See License Management for how to change your plan after purchase.

1. After confirming your order, click [To Payment Methods].

  • If you have a coupon that you can use, you can specify it on the STEP 4 purchase confirmation page.

STEP2 Sign in

If you have not signed in yet, the sign-in screen will be displayed once. If you have already signed in, proceed to STEP3 Select Payment Method.

STEP3 Select a Payment Method

Select (or enter) the card information to be used, and click [Proceed to Confirmation of your order].

If you already have a registered card, you can use it. If you do not have a registered card, enter your card information on the “Use another card” tab.

  • Credit card information is handled securely by external payment services and encrypted communication.
  • Credit card information is registered with an external payment service.
    No credit card information is stored in your nizima account.

STEP4 Confirmation of your order

  • We will not cancel or refund after the purchase is completed, so please check carefully.

After confirming that there are no mistakes in the details of the plan to purchase, payment information, etc., click [Place Order].

Apply coupon

You can apply the coupon on the purchase confirmation screen.

Enter the coupon number in the input field next to “Use Coupon” and press [Apply].

Delete coupon

Click the trash can icon displayed to the left of the applied coupon information.

STEP5 Completion of your order

  • At the same time as the purchase completion screen is displayed, a purchase completion email containing the payment details will be sent.
  • We do not accept cancellations after the purchase is completed.

When the purchase is complete …

Please see the [Terms of Service] and feel free to contact us from [Contact Us].