I will explain how to operate the account settings and credit card settings in the personal settings of the nizima account.

Account Setting

You can change the settings for the following items on the account setting screen.

  • E-mail address change
  • Setting / changing the phone number
  • change Password
  • Setting / canceling two-step verification, checking recovery code

1. Access your nizima account and sign in.

2. Click [Account Settings] from the top right menu.

E-mail address change

Change the email address you use when you sign in.

1. Click [Change] displayed next to the email address you are currently using.

2. Enter your new email address and press [Change].

3. An email confirming the change of email address will be sent to the email address you entered.

4. Click the completion confirmation URL in the email.

5. Make sure that the displayed email address has been changed to the newly entered email address.

  • If you change your email address, your sign-in information will change.
    Log out and sign in to make sure your email address and password are what you expect.

Setting / changing the phone number

  • We recommend that you enable two-step verification to protect your personal information.

In order to perform two-step verification, you need to register a phone number that can receive the verification code sent from SMS.

First, let’s register a phone number that can receive the verification code.

  • Please use the phone number where you can receive the SMS to receive the verification code.
  • Changes can be made in the same procedure as registration.

1. Click [Setup (or Change)] displayed next to “Phone number”.

2. Enter the phone number and press [Setup (or Change)].

3. The verification code will be sent by SMS to the phone number entered in 2.

4. Enter the verification code.

  • If you check “Also enable two-step verification.”, two-step verification will be enabled at the same time as setting the phone number.
    Check the two-step verification settings.

6. Make sure the correct phone number is displayed.

change Password

1. Click [Change] displayed next to “New Password”.

2. Enter the currently set password and the newly set password.

3. Click [Change].

If you have forgotten your current password, please go to “Forgot your password?” and change yours.

If you save but cannot press it, the new password contains an unusable character string or the condition is not met.
For details, please check if the password is incorrect.

Two-step verification settings

Please check the following for how to log in with the recovery code from the two-step verification settings.

Credit card settings

The license of the nizima account is automatically renewed. Please perform regular maintenance so that payment can be executed normally.

  • Credit card information is handled securely by external payment services and encrypted communication.
  • Credit card information is registered with an external payment service.
    No credit card information is stored in your nizima account.

1. Click [Credit Card Settings] from the left menu.

Registration of card information

2. Enter your credit card information and press [Register Card Information].

Delete card information

  • When updating the card information, please register by entering the new card information after performing “Delete card information”.

Click [Delete Card Information].

Please see the [Terms of Service] and feel free to contact us from [Contact Us].