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Prepare ZIP file

Use the Cubism Editor to output a ZIP file for nizima posting.
Note: Only Cubism 3.2.04 or higher versions are supported.

1. open the cmo3 file in Cubism Editor and select [File]-[Export for Embedded Use]-[moc3 File Export].

2. On the Export Settings screen, make the necessary settings for export and select [nizima] in the Export Type pull-down menu.

For information on exporting, see [Exporting]-[Data for Embedded Use] in the Cubisum Editor Manual.

3. the export settings for nizima will open, select the model name and preview size.

  • The model name defaults to the “XXX” part of the Live2D model file name “XXX.cmo3”. In the image, the string “model01” is entered by default for the Live2D model with the file name “model01.cmo3”.
    Since Japanese (multi-byte characters) may be garbled or unsupported by some applications, nizima recommends the use of file names consisting only of single-byte alphanumeric characters.
  • Be sure to select a preview size smaller than the original size (1/2 or less).

4. Click the [OK] button.

5. Three files, [export.zip], [original.zip], and [preview.zip], will be generated in the selected folder.

export.zip: Non-editable Live2D model files
original.zip: editable Live2D model file
preview.zip: Preview file displayed on the work detail screen
-> How to post a work

Note: Only “preview.zip” can be uploaded when posting a gallery. When selling export data “export.zip” or original data “original.zip”, “preview.zip” should be posted at the same time, so that the Live2D model preview will be displayed in the work details.

  • To include motion files, sample images, etc., unzip the ZIP file once, add the data to the unzipped folder, and then compress the folder again with the same name.
    For motions, file names should also be output in single-byte alphanumeric characters.
  • If you include motion files in the “preview.zip” file, a list of motion files will be displayed during the preview function on the nizima website, allowing you to check the motion behavior.
  • The face tracking application “nizima LIVE TRACKER” cannot load a model texture size larger than 8192 x 8192. If you wish to load the model in the application, please reduce the texture size.

Advantages of exporting with [nizima] by export type

Change texture size for preview only in export settings in nizima.

Here is a comparison between exporting one by one with the SDK and exporting with nizima, where the folder names of the textures are different

When exported one by one by SDKWhen exported together in nizima
For preview.512textures
For export.2048textures
For original.2048textures

model3.json contains the file paths (folder/file names) to the textures

If the folder names of the textures are common, then the paths to the model3.json files that are associated with the motions and expressions in the Viewer and saved will all be the same.

If you want to use exactly the same “motions and expressions” in the original, export, and preview, save the model3.json in preview.zip with the motions and expressions associated with it in the Viewer, and then save the “motions and expressions” file as the same file as shown below. configuration, you can easily reflect the settings by overwriting the model3.json in preview.zip with the model3.json in export.zip and original.zip.

  • When using both SDK export and nizima export, the texture reference path in model3.json must be modified because the folder names of the textures are different.
  • Also, if cdi3.json is not included in the folder, all ID names such as parameters are displayed in English, which is inconvenient when used in applications. We recommend that you check the “Display aid file (cdi3.json)” in the export settings and include the exported cdi3.json file as well.

-> Include motion files in Live2D Models


Upload the created ZIP file to nizima.

1. access nizima and sign in.

2. Click on “New Post” in the upper right menu.

3. Select “Live2D Model Post” from the tab menu.

4. Drag and drop files or select files to upload from the Choose File button.

The files that can be selected here are as follows

Export data (export.zip)
Original data (original.zip)
Preview data (preview.zip)
Image for preview

One of the following is required: “exported data or original data”. At least one image for preview is required.

Live2D preview screen

  • It appears only when you drag and drop the preview data (preview.zip).

Click on “Show Live2D Preview.

Click “Show Live2D Preview” to open the Live2D Preview window in modal mode. Please confirm that the parameters and motions are working properly in the Live2D preview.

  • We will only do this if you have purchased the original illustration of the Live2D model from nizima for your artwork.

5. Select the original illustration from the related map.

This is necessary to distribute royalties to illustration creators, so be sure to set this option.
This setting is not necessary for those who also create their own illustrations.

Purchased illustrations will appear on the Related Maps. Please select the appropriate illustration from the list of related maps.
If you do not see your illustration in the list, you may not have completed the purchase of your illustration.
Please purchase the corresponding illustration and start your post over.

After entering the title and other input items and registering the thumbnail image, click the “Post” button.

  • Basically, all fields are required.
    Thumbnails are images that will be displayed in search results, list of works, etc. It can be the same as the sample image displayed on the detail page, but please register it separately.
  • At least one tag must be specified.
  • Cubism Version and Cubism License are required fields that appear only when selling original data.
  • Specification support / operation checks and selling details cannot be set for gallery works.
  • The start and end dates of the discount settings are not shown in the thumbnails.
  • Discount settings are automatically deleted after the end date, with a margin of error of 5 minutes.

It may take a while depending on the file size and network conditions.
Please wait a moment without clicking more than once.

7. When the upload is complete, the work detail page will appear.

8. please make sure that the information you have posted is correct on the work details page.

From this state, the review process begins.
You will be notified of the results of the review by e-mail within approximately 3 business days.

Selling start

Once the screening process is complete, the sale will automatically begin.
When you receive the e-mail, please check to see if the item is “Selling” (ready to be added to your cart).

1. access nizima and sign in.

2. Select “Profile/Work Management” from the menu in the upper right corner.

3. Click on ” Works Posted” from the tab menu, and a list of works you have posted will be displayed at the bottom of the page.

4. Click on the appropriate work in the list of postings and confirm that the “Add to Cart” button is displayed.

Include motion in Live2D models

To animate a Live2D model in a specific way, you must create an animation in the Cubism Editor and associate it with the model in the Cubism Viewer.
The following is an example of attaching the motion file “xxx.motion3.json” output from the Cubism Editor to the Live2D model data “xxx.model3.json” included in the exported “preview.zip” file. For details on how to create and export animations, please refer to the Cubism Editor manual site.

  • The file created by Animation in the Cubism Editor is described as the animation file “xxxx.can3,” and the file outputting the data in json format (editable text file) is described as the motion file “xxxx. model3.json” as the motion file.
  • Since people who see the previews on the site and make purchases on the assumption that “the animation seen in the previews is included,” be sure to include it in the “export.zip” or “original.zip” that you post at the same time, or include a note in the details of the work regarding the presence of animation files in the Do not forget to include a note in the details of your work regarding the presence or absence of animation files.

1. unzip the preview.zip file.

2. Create a [motions] folder in the extracted folder and copy the motion files.

  • If you create a folder in Japanese, there is a possibility that it will be garbled and unrecognizable on the web.

When checking the file name, please confirm it by displaying the file extension.
Please check the instructions for your environment for how to display the extensions.

3. Open the moc3 file in “Live2D Cubism Viewer“.

If a program with the extension “moc3” is associated with Cubism Viewer when Cubism Editor is installed, Cubism Viewer can be launched and edited by double-clicking the moc3 file.

4. Drag and drop the [motions] folder into “Live2D Cubism Viewer“.

5. go to [File]-[Export]-[Model Settings] to overwrite and save the model settings.

6. Recompress the preview folder.

If you do not understand a term, please refer to the glossary.