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Selling Data

There are three types of selling methods for nizima‘s artwork postings.

Compress the file(s) you wish to sell (one file or multiple files) into a single file, name the file(s) according to the rules below, and post the file(s).
Note: The method of creating compressed files differs for each terminal. Please check the Internet or other sources for the method that best suits your environment.

A. Export data selling

Available for selling, Illustrations

Method of selling non-editable data
File name: export.zip

– Illustrations should be in jpg, png, or other formats that do not have layer information.
– For Live2D models, moc3

B. Selling original data

Available for selling, Illustrations

Method of selling editable data
File name: original.zip

– In the case of illustrations, psd or other formats with layer information
– For Live2D models cmo3

C. Gallery Post

Available for selling, Illustrations

Post only files for preview
File name: preview.zip (valid only for Live2D models)

The data in preview.zip is not available for download. If you post your data at the same time as “A. Selling Export Data” or “B. Selling Original Data”, you can manipulate motions and parameters on nizima.

  • Compressed files are not required for illustration gallery posts.
    Image files such as png and jpeg can be uploaded and used as is.

A. Selling exported data is using the work as is. B. Selling original data is using the work after editing it. C. Gallery postings are works to be enjoyed on the site without selling. Please think of it as follows.

Posting Instructions