nizicon is a contest for illustrations and Live2D works. The concept is: “Let’s bring all the great illustrations to life! The concept is “Let’s bring all the great illustrations to life! We have a user voting category.

We will be awarding prizes to the entries that received the highest number of votes from among those voted for by everyone during this period.
Your supportive comments and votes are the key to creating the next generation of creators!

Please sign in to nizima and cast your vote.

User Voting Guide

User Voting Overview


Live2D Inc.

Target Contests

nizicon18 Live2D version

voting period

Monday, May 16, 2022 – Monday, May 23, 2022

announcement of winning a prize or place

Scheduled for late May 2022

Winners will be contacted individually by nizima management via e-mail.
Once the winners are confirmed, we will announce the list of winners on each contest page.

Note: Prizes will be sent to the email address registered with nizima. If you have a domain name, please allow the domain.
Note: If you receive an e-mail from nizima management, please reply within the time period specified in the e-mail. If you do not reply, we will assume that you have declined the offer and the drawing will be void.
Note: If we determine that you have committed a fraudulent act, etc., the prize will be voided.
Note: You are not allowed to vote for your own post.

Awards and Voting Privileges

For Creators: User Vote Award

Gold Award (1 winner)

Amazon gift certificate for 50,000 yen

Silver Award (2 winners)

Amazon gift certificate for 20,000 yen

Note: The same author may receive awards other than the User Vote Award, but the User Vote Award cannot be duplicated.
Note: Works entries in the relevant nizicon competition are eligible.
However, nizicon has a requirement that entries must be already sold. Entries that are currently under review or are no longer selling will not appear on the list of entries.
Note: Unlike regular awards, the award winners are determined solely by nizima users’ votes. Voting by nizima management members is not conducted.

Creators who have entries for nizicon, please encourage people to vote for your own entries on SNS and other social networking sites!

For nizima users: User Voting Participation Award

Two winners by lottery

Amazon gift certificate for 3,000 yen

Noote: Anyone with a nizima account is welcome to participate.
You may win simply by voting for your favorite works among those participating in nizicon.
Note: Each person may cast up to three votes. Votes for the same work will be counted as one vote, no matter how many votes you cast.

Note: Amazon is a trademark of, Inc. or its affiliates.

Voting Qualifications

  • Must reside in Japan
  • Must be a nizima user


  • We will not be liable for any damages incurred by the entrant or any third party in connection with this contest entry.
  • This contest is subject to change or cancellation without notice.

How to vote

1. sign in to nizima

If you don’t have an account yet, Let’s join our site nizima!

2. click on the card you are interested in from the list of entries to nizicon.

3. Click the “Go to Voting Form” button at the bottom of the work detail page.

  • The voting form button will not appear outside of the voting period, if you are not signed in, or on your own post.

4. Fill in each item on the voting form and click the ” Send” button to complete your vote.

  • When you open the voting form from the work details page, the User ID and Work ID are automatically entered.
    If it has not been entered, please try again by clicking the link to the voting form on the appropriate work detail page and reopening it.

List of Applicants

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