nizima Material posting campaign

Submit your themed material work and get an Amazon gift certificate!

A material work is a work that is not used by itself, but is designed to be used as part of a work, such as a background, direction, or accessory.

If you think it’s too hard to create a solid Live2D model, why not start with a single small material?

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Theme of this time

“Items for VTubers”

We are looking for items that can be used in our face-tracking software for VTubers, nizima LIVE!

In addition to animated and still items using sequentially numbered png/jpeg/gif, Live2D items can also be used in nizima LIVE.

From standard items such as glasses and chemomimi, to hand materials and small items that could be used in distribution, to unique items that make use of your ideas, we are waiting for wonderful materials to color your VTuber!

Note: Illustrations, sequentially numbered illustrations, gifs, or Live2D are all welcome to participate, as long as they are works for sale.
Please refer to the nizima LIVE item specifications page for detailed information on how to create an item.

Campaign Overview

Posting Period

Monday, April 18, 2022 – Wednesday, May 18, 2022

If you have a Twitter, pixiv, or other SNS account, we would appreciate it if you could tweet about your work to help us promote the nizima material submission campaign! (hashtag #nizima material 202204)

announcement of winning a prize or place

To be sent to the winners sequentially around June 2022.

The announcement will be made upon delivery.
Note: Winners will be contacted individually by our management. If you are selected, we would appreciate it if you could report your selection on Twitter, pixiv, or other SNS.


5 winners drawn by lottery

Amazon gift certificate for 3,000 yen

Note: The winners will be drawn from creators who have newly submitted “works for sale according to the theme” during the period.

Note: Amazon is a trademark of, Inc. or its affiliates.

entry qualifications

  • Amateur or professional
  • Must reside in Japan
  • No age, nationality or occupation required
  • Multiple entries are allowed.
  • Works created in the past are also acceptable for participation.
    Note: Can be used in conjunction with the ongoing nizicon
    Note: Only new postings made during the campaign period will be accepted.

You must register with nizima to participate!

How to participate

Post your illustration, animation, or Live2D work for sale on nizima during the campaign period.

Note: You must check the box for campaign participation on the new posting screen.

Participation checkbox

Participation in illustration and animation items

To post, you will need the original data ( or the exported data ( and an image for preview.
If you do not know how to post your work, please see How to Post an Illustration Work.

  • The artwork may be converted into a Live2D model and resold within nizima. When the resold model is purchased, the contributor of the illustration will receive a royalty percentage multiplied by the amount of the Live2D model sold as revenue.

For more information on how to create nizima LIVE items, please refer to the nizima LIVE item specifications page.

Participation in Live2D items

  • For detailed specifications of Live2D items in nizima LIVE, please see the specifications page.

Please use “cmo3” or “moc, moc3” format for files to be posted. (Gallery postings are not acceptable.)
cmo3 is the basic format for model data in Live2D Cubism Editor. For more information, please refer to the Cubism Editor Manual.

We recommend that you include a “” file with your entries.
By including, you can see a preview of the Live2D movement on the nizima site.
You can also apply without the “” file.

If you do not know how to post your Live2D work, please see How to Post a Live2D Work.

If the creator of the original artwork is different from the applicant himself/herself, please indicate either of the following

  • If you have purchased an illustration within nizima, please register the related map.
  • In cases other than the above, please ask the creator of the illustration for permission to participate and include the name of the creator of the illustration in the detailed description of the work.

For more information on how to create nizima LIVE items, please refer to the nizima LIVE item specifications page.


  • Submissions will be sold on nizima. If your work is purchased, you will receive 90% of the proceeds, excluding a 10% commission.
    However, in the case of works for secondary sale within nizima, only the royalty rate set for the illustration work at the time of purchase will be allocated as revenue to the contributor of the original artwork.
  • Participating works must remain for sale on nizima for at least six months.
    Please note that works in preparation for sale may not be considered for judging.
  • If the management determines that the entries do not follow the theme, we may withdraw your participation in this campaign or may contact you during the judging stage.
  • We will not be liable for any damages incurred by participants or third parties in connection with their participation.
  • Subject to change or cancellation without notice.
  • Your entries must meet the following requirements

(1) Must be an original work
Note: Not to infringe on the copyrights, property rights, or other rights of third parties.
Note: Illustration works must have 100% of the rights to the work retained by the participant (no derivative works of copyrighted works).
Note: If you wish to use an illustration created by someone other than yourself, you must obtain permission from the creator of the illustration to participate in the campaign.
Or, you must have registered a related map with an illustration work purchased within nizima.

(2) The work must not have been entered in any other contest.
Noote: It is OK if you are only posting on pixiv, SNS, etc. privately.
Note: Use in combination with nizicon is acceptable.

(3) Other conditions that do not violate nizima’s terms of use.


Live2D Inc.

Contact Us

Please contact us using the inquiry form.

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Theme for Aug. 2021: “Differential Parts for VTubers”.

Theme for Jul. 2021: “Background” or “Fantasy”

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