Custom-made Guide

At nizima, if you want a completely original Live2D model or illustration, you can directly ask your favorite creators to “create your own Live2D model or illustration”.

-> Those who are thinking of purchasing a ready-made work

  • Only users with individual accounts can place custom-made requests. Corporate and sole proprietor users (who have already submitted an opening notification) can receive requests. However, please note that they cannot place orders.

Request a custom-made item!

1. before requesting a custom-made order from a creator you like, check to see if they accept custom-made items.

Click on the button to the right of the custom-made acceptance status for more information.
Although the contents vary from creator to creator, the flow of the request and the approximate fee are described. Be sure to read through the information when making a request.

2. When you are ready, send a direct message to the creator to discuss the content.

-> How to use direct messages

  • Custom-made orders cannot be cancelled. Please be sure to discuss your request with us via direct message first.

Once you have confirmed the content and conditions of the request, you can begin preparing the request.

3. click the “Custom-made Order” button at the top of the direct message screen.

4. Enter the details of the request.


We recommend that you keep the request simple so that it will be easy to identify which project it was when you open it later.

Example: Please create a full-body illustration and Live2D model of a girl with XXX motif.


Select the content data to be requested.
For Live2D models that include illustrations, select Live2D.


Fill in the request details that have already been reconciled in an easy-to-understand manner. Please be careful not to leave anything out.


Enter the amount you plan to pay

Desired Delivery Date

Fill in the desired expected delivery date.

The title, category, details, budget, and desired delivery date should be clearly written so that the creator can clearly see the details of the request when he/she looks back.

5. Press the “Request with the above information” button.

If the creator checks the contents and there are no problems, you will receive an “acceptance mail“. Please be patient.

  • There may be cases where the “consignment mail” is not received (undelivered) due to network conditions. Be sure to sign in to nizima regularly and check it on your browser as well.

-> Progress check on the web browser

If there are no problems with the contents of the request, the creator is entrusted with the job and the request is completed.

Let’s check the progress of the custom-made

1. access nizima and sign in.

2. Click on “Custom-made” from the menu in the upper right corner.

3. You can check the status (progress of your custom-made order) on the label in the upper right corner of each order.

By using the checkboxes on the left side of the page, it is possible to narrow down the request by progress status.

4. if you want to see the details of the custom-made order, click on the order.

A modal page will open to allow you to see the details.
Payment page and downloads are also available from this page.

  • Currently, there is no message form available for each order. So, if you have any questions that come up while the creators are working on a project, or if you need to check a sample before delivery, please communicate with us via direct message.

Note: Samples may not be available depending on the creator.
Check in advance!

Each creator has a different workflow. So, before making a custom-made request, please confirm the whole process via direct message, so that the transaction goes smoothly!

Buy delivered works!

Once the work is delivered from the creator, the custom-made production is complete.
Once the delivery is completed, the work can be purchased from the client’s dedicated payment page.

1. open the detail page of the custom-made order you wish to make payment for, in the same way as in the “Progress Check” section.

2. Press the “Payment” button.

The payment page will open. Follow the payment page.

-> Buy a piece of artwork

Let’s download it now!

After purchase, you can download the work instantly. After the transaction is complete, you can re-download your work as many times as you like from your profile page.

-> Download

  • To request a custom-made order, you must register as a nizima member!

Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

For other details, please refer to the [Terms of Use] and feel free to contact us from [Contact Us].